Brazilian hammocks by LA SIESTA

Brazilian hammocks by LA SIESTA Brazil

About 20 million Brazilians prefer sleeping in a hammock every night instead of using a bed. Just like football, music and dance, hammocks are the epitome of the Brazilian lifestyle.

 The northeast of the country is home to the tradition of embellishing hammocks with decorative fringes and macramé. Mostly women are the masters of the knotting techniques necessary to do these traditional handicrafts. It is their devotion that prevents this traditional artisanry from being lost to humankind.

The decorative fringe and macramé trim are typical for Brazilian hammocks. The large number of suspension cords ensures optimal weight distribution and excellent comfort. The organic cotton is soft to the touch and yet easy to clean.

Set Descending Direction

When you purchase a brazilian hammock, you’re not only doing something good for yourself, but also for Brazilian street children!

LA SIESTA supports the project “Dito Escolinha” in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza. For each of their brasilian hammock sold, LA SIESTA donates 5€ to the German charity “Tor zur Hoffnung (=Gateway to Hope) which provides Dito’s beach soccer academy with training equipment, learning aids and much more.